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Three-finger banjo style depends seventy-five to eighty percent on right hand technique. The Banjo Board® is the first practice device that allows you to concentrate on right hand fundamentals without the distraction of left hand operations. Don't waste time with the small "knockoff" simulators which won't allow the feel and proper hand angle of a real banjo in your lap. Get the original banjo board and turn wasted driving time or slow time at the office into productive practice time. Practice rolls quietly after the kids are in bed. Improve timing and speed by practicing with a metronome or playing along with a CD or radio. Improve roll and lick fingering memorization, finger anchoring, angle of attack, depth control, economy of motion, finger strength, and general accuracy. Start a show or jam session already warmed up because you used the banjo board beforehand. Hand made in USA from African mahogany or lighter weight cedar to specifications of a real banjo. Available only from Hatfield Music! Now available in left-handed version!

Cedar Standard Banjo Board - $40.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart Mahogany Banjo Board - $45.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart
Cedar Deluxe Banjo Board - $45.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart Mahogany Deluxe Banjo Board - $50.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart
Cedar Deluxe Plus Banjo Board - $50.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart Mahogany Deluxe Plus Banjo Board - $55.00 plus $8.00 P/HAdd to Cart

Cedar Deluxe Plus LEFT-HANDED Banjo Board - $55.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart

Mahogany Deluxe Plus LEFT-HANDED Banjo Board - $60.00 plus $8.00 P/H Add to Cart



"Got Banjo?" decal. Same style as original "Got Milk?" logo. White lettering on black background. Great for instrument cases, bumpers, windows, mirrors, laptops. $3.00. Free shipping & handling! Add to Cart "Play Scruggs, Sing Flatt" decal - Great for instrument cases, bumpers, windows, mirrors, laptops, many other surfaces. $3.00. Free shipping & handling! Add to Cart "Banjo Hero" decal - 4 inches X six inches. Great for instrument cases, bumpers, windows, mirrors, laptops $3.00. Free P&H! Add to Cart


Lakota Leather Banjo Strap
Lakota Leather banjo straps are made with a cradle design, which, unlike other straps, the design incorporates one single tail piece of bison hide. It encircles the entire pot assembly and is woven back into the main body of the strap and adjusted at that point by the user. The main advantage of this design over a traditional cradle strap is that it can be adjusted while wearing the banjo instead of having to remove the banjo for adjustment.The bison leather used has proven to be the softest yet strongest and most comfortable strap you will ever wear. Lasts a lifetime! Handcrafted on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota.

Two-inches wide: List: $64.95 HM: $45.00 plus $3.00 P&H.

Three-inches wide: List: $74.95 HM price: $65.00.

Lakota Leather 2" Black Add to Cart Lakota Leather 2" Creme Add to Cart Lakota Leather 2" Brown Add to Cart
Lakota Leather 3" Black Add to Cart Lakota Leather 3" Creme Add to Cart Lakota Leather 3" Caramel (shown in picture) Add to Cart


The "cradle style" strap attachment system-
A cradle style strap is one that supports the banjo from the bottom, the banjo resting in the strap as one would cradle a baby.  The cradle style strap attachment is vastly superior because it is more secure and has no metal parts in contact with the wood parts of the banjo. The strap ends are fed under the banjo instead of dangling from hooks, which can damage the edge of the resonater on heavier, nicer instruments. The Lakota Leather cradle-style straps remain attached to the banjo at all times.  Other straps use hook-style attachments which could result in the bracket the strap is attached to becomng loose, and the banjo could crash to the floor. The Lakota Leather strap ends are fed under the brackets until a designated bracket is selected for attachment. The strap end is then looped over the bracket and is attached to itself with a Chicago screw (shoestring or leather lace can also be used). The length of the strap (how far down the banjo hangs) is determined by which brackets are chosen to attach the strap ends.The height the banjo rests is determined by how close the strap ends are to each other under the banjo. The closer the strap ends, the higher the banjo rests.

Chicago screws, shoe/leather lace can

be used to secure the strap ends.







The Gerald Jones pickup, known to produce the most natural pickup amplified sound possibl, was out of production for several years. This pickup features a magnetic coil/ inductor strip design. Mounts on co-ordinator rods with thumbscrew. The 3.5mm" jack mounts easily in flange hole.  No routing, drilling, screws or soldering required as required with previoius model.  Installs in two minutes! Stelling banjo jack mounting bracket available upon request.

The Jones-Hatfield pickup was designed for the BLUEGRASS style banjo with two co-ordinator rods. The Jones-Hatfield pickup is NOT guaranteed for use in any other style of banjo. Refunds or replacements will NOT be issued if pickup is modified for use on non-Bluegrass style banjos.


More powerful signal - 10% more windings and a stronger magnet.

Improved shielded coil-to-jack cable, re-routed out the back of the pickup so it clears the co-ordinater rods.

Plastic non-conducting enclosure replaces metal enclosure - less interference with electromagnetic field.

Spacer on mounting bracket to more accurately center pickup under head.

Enclosed 3.5mm jack replaces open back 1/4" jack - avoids possible electrical shorts if finger pick is dropped through flange hole or the jack gets bumped while the resonater is unattached to the banjo. The smaller 3.5mm jack will not interfere with resonater mounting as the 1/4 inch jack did on the original Gerald Jones pickup.

Jack mountng bracket - jack no longer mounts directly in the flange hole. Bracket made from insulating plastic to avoid ground hum. Can now be mounted on Stelling Banjos.

Includes both 24" cable to connect to belt preamp and 6' cable to connect directly to amp or PA.

10-Year Guarantee! We will replace at no charge if purchased from Hatfield Music.

Why does the Jones-Hatfield pickup have a more natural acoustic sound than the Fishman? It's because the Jones - Hatfield is a passive pickup, not an active pickup like the Fishman. An active pickup is one that has voltage supplied at the coil, like a condenser microphone. When voltage is applied at te coil there is a small amount of distortion. It is the same thing as over- driving the individual channel volume on a PA...or producing distortion on an electric guitar. An active pickup is how rock guitarists like Jimi Hendrix first created distortion in the late 1960's - they turned the pot on the guitar and the individual channel on the amp (preamp) all the way up, over-driving the main amp.

With an active pickup there is no way to CONTROL the voltage and impedance in the coil - it is determined by the guage of the wire in the coil, the number of windings and the amount of voltage going through the coil...all stationary aspects that cannot be altered by the banjo player. With a passive pickup such as the Jones - Hatfield pickup, the voltage is controlled by user via the pre-amp, such as the Schatten Mini-Pre or the Fishman GII guitar pre-amp.

The advantage of the Fishman GII pre-amp over the Schatten is that you have fingertip control of volume and TONE (with a three-band Equalizer)... on your do not have to turn around and adjust the amp or use a volume pedal which means fewer cables underfoot and electronics that can go wrong. The disadvantage is that the GII is much larger and bulkier clipped to your belt.

Better results will be obtained by taping the inductor strip under the head instead of placing it under the middle foot of the bridge...not only can the the inductor be positioned closer to the coil (which means more gain) but you can move it around for different tone...near the middle of the head for a mid range tone, or nearer the tailpiece area of the head for a more treble tone.     

The Jones - Hatfield pickup is designed for resonater banjos with two co-ordinater rods of equal diameter. Installs in any Gibson-style banjo (Gibson, Huber, Rich & Taylor, (Crafters of Tennessee), Frank Neat Stanleytone, Arthur Hatfield, etc. Also, Gibson style imports including Gold Tone, Gold Star, Recording King, Washburn, Epiphone, Aria, Ibanez, Morgan Monroe, etc) Deering, and Stelling (which requires a special jack mounting bracket, free upon request).

Though it can be rigged for many travel banjos, open-back banjos and Nechville banjos (which do not have two co-ordinater rods), Hatfeld Music does not guarantee it will intstall in these instruments. Often a fake co-ordinater rod will have to be made or the pickup bracket can be glued or otherwise fastened to a square dowel stick. A 7' 8" clearance between the rod/dowel stick and the head is required.

REDUCED! $80.00 plus 5.00 P&H Add to Cart





Platinum Stage Preamp/D.I. (PRO-PLT-301) Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-analog universal instrument preamp delivers incredibly accurate sonic detail for any acoustic instrument. A discrete, high-headroom Class-A preamp uses precision, high-speed circuitry for the highest fidelity and low distortion. Classic Fishman tone centers with sweepable mid is combined with a switchable guitar/bass EQ mode, making it more musical for bass instruments, and more universal for recording and performing musicians.
The new Platinum Stage integrates critical performance features like adjustable volume boost and a balanced XLR D.I. output housed in a beautiful, road-ready design.
With an included belt-clip, the Platinum Stage is perfect for mobile instrumentalists, such as mandolin and fiddle players. It can also be powered via 48-volt phantom power, offering complete control over your sound without batteries.
         FEATURES & INFO:
17-volt, high-headroom, discrete Class-A preamp
4-band tone control with sweep-mid and low frequency filter
EQ mode tailors EQ for bass or most other instruments
Phase control
Volume boost switch with level control
Balanced D.I. with pre/post EQ setting and auto Ground Lift
Belt-clip included
TONE SHAPING: 4-band EQ with sweepable Mid, adjustable Low-Cut filter
FEEDBACK CONTROL: Phase invert switch
DIMENSIONS: 5.6” L x 3.3” W x 1.2” H
(143 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm)
WEIGHT: .65 lbs (0.30 kg)
POWER: 9-volt battery (not included)
48-volt Phantom Power
Fishman 910-R power adapter (optional)
BATTERY LIFE: 70 hours
1/4” Instrument input
1/4” Amp output
XLR Balanced D.I. output
Auto Ground Lift

List: $149.00 HM price: Too Low to Advertise! call 865-524-5220 or email

Power Supply for Fishman pre-amp/DI $14.00. plus $2.00 P&H. (free P&H with purchase of any Fishman pre-amp) Add to Cart


Drivebox for 5-String Banjo

The only speaker designed specifically for amplified banjo.
Designed By Musicians – For Musicians

As acoustic musicians we try to find ourselves the very finest instruments made by highly skilled artisans out of the finest woods. We search for the strings that give us exactly the response and tone we want for our specific playing styles and we spend money and time on every detail of our instrument until we have THE sound we want for our performances. Then we need to somehow amplify our sound for our larger audiences or just to get the room levels we need for the presence our music should have and all of a sudden what comes out of the PA no longer sounds like our beautiful instruments.

Not any longer! Portmann Acoustics proudly present external speaker cabinets engineered and designed for SPECIFIC acoustic instruments to bring your amplified sound as close to your natural instrument as possible!

Individually hand-crafted with fine attention to detail, these speaker cabinets are as much beautiful art to the eye as they are highly calibrated resonant acoustic cavities tuned to match the natural audio response of your fine acoustic instrument.

The results: a striking bohemian appearance with the rich texture and tones of dark tooled leather and polished wood, accented with inlaid carvings and a heavy black powder coated metal grill for a slight ‘retro’ touch. This gives the cabinet its own artistic character and presence which will draw every eye to the stage as it faithfully produces the clear and accurate tones of your own instrument.

Price: $1599.00 Plus shipping. Call 865-524-5220 or email for more information.


Power: 250W
Speaker Driver(s): (2) 12” Eminence Drivers @ 8 each.
Total Cabinet Input Impedance = 4
Dimensions: 17”Wx 29”Hx 11.5”D
Weight: 30 lbs
Frequency Range: 80 Hz - 5 kHz
Signal Input: (1) Neutrik SpeakOn Connectors

The LowBox for 4-String Upright Bass

This speaker system has been carefully engineered specifically for the 4-String Upright Acoustic Bass to accurately bring out those beautiful complex woody tones you find especially in carved-top or fully carved-basses. A rare earth 15” driver provides powerful low notes while having an extended high range to bring out those melodic high notes and thumb positions with equal clarity and presence. You will be amazed at the presence and volume while preserving the true natural tone of your bass without making it sound ‘electric’.

Price: $1899.00 Plus shipping Call 865-524-5220 or email for more information.

Portmann Acoustics speaker cabinets are made of high quality hardwood plywood with durable, reinforced vinyl coverings resembling real tooled leather, heavy duty cast-metal Neutrik Speak-On connectors, and rugged molded nylon corners. Portman Acoustics speaker cabinets currently come in two models; one for 5-string Banjo and one for 4-string Upright Bass with additional models for other acoustic instruments planned for future release as well as a line of specialty electronics and recommendations to assist you in every way to achieve the most excellent sound as close to your natural instrument as is possible.


Power: 450W
Speaker Driver(s): (1) 15” Eminence Driver
Total Cabinet Input Impedance = 8
Dimensions: 25”Wx 30”Hx 18”D
Weight: 60 lbs
Frequency Range: 40 Hz - 3 kHz
Signal Input: (2) Neutrik Connectors


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